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Emerging from Dublin's Northside, Wallfella stands as a spokesperson for the working class, known for his authentic narratives and masterful blend of R&B and Hip-Hop. His music, rooted in the experiences of O'Devaney Gardens, speaks to both environmental and systemic challenges faced within his community. His journey has seen a trajectory marked by growth and maturity, evident in his "candid and non-apologetic approach to lyricism" (Wordplay Magazine).

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Lethal Dialect, Kendrick Lamar, and Tyler, The Creator, his sound is a mosaic of various musical landscapes. His 2019 EP, Alright?, served as a glimpse of his potential, further crystallised with his 2020 album, The North's Face. Standout tracks like “Devaney Flow” and “4 Door Whip” became anthems of North Dublin, showcasing Wallfella's flair for powerful lyricism. His 2021 EP "Way Too Cosy" earned him a spot in Hot Press's Young & Emerging Series, further highlighting his rising presence.

Recognised as “one of the most captivating voices in Irish Hip-Hop” by Hot Press Magazine, Wallfella stands out as a conscious, emotionally resonant artist intent on reshaping the genre’s landscape in Ireland and beyond. His forthcoming EP "The Coop is Full," set for release in 2024, is keenly awaited, promising to be a significant milestone in his discography.


Latest Release

Love Me, Hate Me (with Odd Numbers)

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