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Press Kits

Explore our comprehensive Press Kits for an in-depth look at Golden Éire Records and our standout artists. Each kit is packed with high-resolution images, artist biographies, and the latest tracks, offering an all-inclusive resource for journalists, bloggers, and anyone keen on delving into the Irish Hip-Hop music scene. Discover the narratives and talent driving the genre's growth in Ireland.

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Golden Éire Records

In the verdant landscape of Irish music, Golden Éire Records stands as a beacon of innovation and a champion for local talent. Armed with a mission to discover, nurture, and elevate national talent, Golden Éire Records is more than a label—it's a movement.

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Odd Numbers

Irish Hip-Hop is on an upward trajectory, and producer Odd Numbers (born Odhrán O’Brien) is intent on strengthening its foundations and harnessing a new wave of Irish creativity. 


From the Northside of Dublin City, Wallfella paints a picture for the listener to show some of the environmental and systemic issues he has dealt with throughout his life.


Flynn Johnson

Flynn Johnson's style, creativity, and perspective on the adaptation of the life of a young, working-class man has perked ears near and far. 


For further details, to request an interview, or for promotional opportunities, please reach out.

+353 86 662 2253

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