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Flynn Johnson

Rapper, Producer

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From Blanchardstown's heart, Flynn Johnson emerges as a commanding presence in Irish Hip-Hop, weaving narratives that capture the raw essence of Dublin life. His journey from a precocious youth to a formidable voice in the Irish music scene is marked by raw, unfiltered storytelling. His early engagement with literature and realism has significantly shaped his lyrical style, characterised by gritty honesty and profound societal insight.

Under the guidance of producer ROC, Flynn's artistry found a new dimension, culminating in their critically acclaimed 2015 EP, In The Meantime. The track Man Cub, from ROC's NINETYNINE beat collection, became a cornerstone of Irish Hip-Hop, described as a “cult classic” by District Magazine.

Flynn's adaptability shines through collaborations with producers like Odd Numbers and Bitter Rocc, and his forthcoming mixtape "Headlock Vol. 1," produced by Hikii, heralds his continued artistic growth. His eagerly awaited debut album, set for a late 2024 release, is described by Flynn as "a love letter to the estate and a thank-you note for the lessons it taught me."

His alignment with Golden Éire Records in 2023, alongside Wallfella and Odd Numbers, has propelled Flynn's career, earning him a spot on Spotify's 'Best of Fresh Éire 2023' playlist. Praised for his "philosophical rhymes and introspective storytelling" (Dope Hip Hop), he continues to tackle challenging themes with finesse, standing as a compelling storyteller and reshaping modern-day Ireland's narrative.


Latest Release

Born in a Barn

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