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Odd Numbers

Producer, Founder of Golden Éire Records

Odd Numbers - Hip-Hop Producer

Irish Hip-Hop is on an upward trajectory, and producer Odd Numbers (born Odhrán O’Brien) is intent on strengthening its foundations and harnessing a new wave of Irish creativity. Since his debut release in 2020, Odd Numbers has produced for an ensemble of on-the-rise Irish artists, including Wallfella, Hazey Haze, and Local Boy.


His creative style is hard to pin down; with less focus placed on pushing his own signature sound, the producer favours tailoring his beats to the artist, allowing them to express themselves on a familiar canvas whilst exploring new sonic territories himself. Taking cues from multiple points in the Hip-Hop timeline, Odd Numbers effortlessly switches between old-school, contemporary, and alternative with each new project. 


Fueled by the endless inspiration from his peers and a genuine love for the culture, Odd Numbers continues to evolve year-on-year as an artist. With a sound deep-rooted in the fundamentals of Hip-Hop and a humble approach to collaboration, he is steadily building a reputation as one of the most versatile producers in Ireland. 

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Latest Release

Uncut Gems (feat. Fynch)

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