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About Us

Established in early 2022 by Irish Hip-Hop producer Odd Numbers, Golden Éire Records is an independent label intent on harnessing a new wave of Irish creativity. Created for artists, by artists, we have a fundamental understanding of the modern music industry and endeavour to make a difference by giving Irish creatives a viable opportunity to grow their careers and profit from their work. As our name suggests, we are entering into a golden era of Irish music, whereby artists should no longer feel they need to export their talent to make a name for themselves. We are a small country with an overwhelming output of creativity.

Golden Éire Records exists solely to promote the Irish Hip-Hop community by collaborating with artists in all sectors to create products that capture attention and create a buzz within the music community. We aim to do this fairly and with the interests of our collaborators at the forefront of each project. 

"What Odd Numbers is doing within Ireland’s Hip Hop scene and the country as a whole is something that can only be championed."

- Darian Burns, Dope Hip-Hop

"From the Emerald Isle comes the sparkling green jewel in the crown of the indie and alternative hip hop scene."

- Matt Miles, Yack Magazine

Image by Brian Lundquist